Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LAUDUM. The triumph of Mediterranean character


Carefully made from the finest MONASTRELL grapes from old vines, and then rounded off with CABERNET SAUVIGNON and MERLOT grapes following the criteria of the enologist, this fine wine is later aged in oak.

Laudum Crianza was aged for 16 months in new American and French oak casks.

It is deep cherry red in colour, with an aroma rich in spices and vanilla, perfectly integrated with oak, giving it a balanced and meaty palate, with all the structure and persistence of a full-bodied wine.
Silver Medal at the "Vinalies Internationales" 2011.


Following a cereful selection of the best vines with native MONASTRELL grapes, this wine is the fruit of tradition and cencturies of winemaking culture combined with advanced technology.

Laudum Barrica Especial was aged for 6 months in American and French oak casks to provide all the senses with a perfectly clean, bright ruby-red wine.
On the palate it is fleshy, long and very smooth.

Silver Medal at "Challenge International Du Vin". Bordeaux, 2003.


From carefully-tended, handpicked fruit comes this wine made from select grapes of the varieties MONASTRELL, CABERNET SAUVIGNON and MERLOT.
Laudum Reserva was aged for 16 months in new American and French oak casks, and furhter aged for 20 months in the bottle.

With is deep ruby colour, on the nose this wine combines ripe furit aromas with elegant touches of dried fruits, nuts and spices. On the palate it is meaty and persistent, with just the right balance of woody tones.

Bronze Medal at the "Challenge International du Vin", Bourdeaux 2009.

LAUDUM Chardonnay

The unique taste of this wine reflects the character of the finest CHARDONNAY grapes, ripened under the sun ad caressed by the gentle Mediterranean breeze.

After a 24-hour cold maceration, LAUDUDM CHARDONNAY was left to ferment in new Allier and Nevers oak casks until it was time for bottling. Its intense aroma comes from the variety itself, but also has fruit overtones of peach, grapefruit, pineapple and other exotic fruits. On the palate it is broad and silky, balanced with the vanilla-like tones of oak.
Ideal for accompanying shelfish, oysters, fish, smoked fish, white meats and foie.
Silver Medal at "Premios Mezquita". Córdoba, Spain. 2010.


Excellent certified organic wine made from our finest MONASTRELL,TEMPRANILLO and CABERNET SAUVIGNON grapes, harvested at the ideal ripening time.

Laudum Nature reflects in its elegant taste all the richness of lands bathed by the Mediterranean. 

Following maceration for a number of hours, and controlled-temperature fermentation, this ruby-red wine offers a combination of intense fruity aromas, a light taste and a great personality, from first to last.
Ideal for accompanying meats, pasta and cheeses. 

Silver Medal at "Millesime Bio 2010". France

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